A warm welcome to our friendly and caring "little white church" in Bolton, Connecticut, where worship was first gathered in 1720.

Our Sunday worship service is at 9:30 a.m. Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month, and all are welcome to receive Communion in our church.

After each service, we share refreshments and fellowship in Chandler Hall, the building right behind our church, where you can also browse a large selection of beautiful gifts and other items in our Church Store.

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If you would like to receive our "Church Chirps" emails with updates about each week's service, including our Sunday Chirps that contain the text of our weekly worship services, please send an email to BoltonUCC@gmail.com.


As all of us continue to experience challenges with COVID-19 this winter, we should be aware of and follow what the CDC and others recommend as the current best practices surrounding this virus, regardless of a person's vaccination status. When gathering inside with larger groups, social distancing is still to be observed and face masks are to be worn covering the nose and mouth.

The N95, KN95 and 3-ply surgical masks when worn properly are noted to be the best choices in limiting virus transmission. Cloth masks and other cloth face coverings when worn alone are acknowledged to be the least effective choice. Surgical masks when worn under cloth masks afford better protection than wearing the cloth mask alone.

At this time, we expect all who come to services on Sunday and all who gather for meetings in Chandler Hall to wear a mask; the type of mask which represents the best choice possible in order to limit the spread of viruses which cause illness. Surely everyone can do this.

Let us all join together to do all we can to keep each other safe when at church, remembering the grace in loving neighbor as self. Please feel free to bring any questions you may have to either Dan McLennon or Pastor Bruce.

Thank you, The Board of Deacons and Pastoral Relations

Bolton Congregational Church, 228 Bolton Center Road, Bolton, CT 06043