About Us

Our church does not require members to subscribe to specific doctrines or creeds. We believe that often such doctrines become instruments of judgment and exclusion that divide, rather than unite, God’s people.

However, while you will certainly find a variety of individual perspectives among the members of our congregation, we are also confident you will find that all our memberslives and faith are guided by the supreme Christian principles of love of neighbor, humility before God, compassion for the needy, respect for life and all living things, and commitment to peace and justice for all of God’s people across all of creation.

Sunday services and pastoral care are conducted by our Intentional Interim Minister, the Rev. Dr. Bruce MacLeod. We would love to have you join us!

Our Church Mission

The mission of Bolton Congregational Church UCC is to reveal the living body of Christ in our world, today.  As we are fed by the uplifting power of God’s Spirit and by our compassionate support of one another, we become energized to share with others the abundance of love, the resources, and the happiness with which God has blessed us.

As members of this Body, we commit ourselves as Christ’s disciples to share our abundance in these ways:

  • Be the feet of Christ, walking the path of peace and righteousness and respect;

  • Be the heart of Christ, open to accepting all of God’s people without condition or judgment;

  • Be the voice of Christ, preaching the good news and inviting others to become part of our Church family;

  • Be the arms of Christ, reaching out to lift up those who have fallen;

  • Be the ears of Christ, listening for the Word of God speaking in fresh new ways in our world today;

  • Be the eyes of Christ, looking out to see where God is calling each of us to teach and serve.

Our Church Boards

The Board of Deacons cooperates with the pastor in the care of the spiritual interest of the church and assists with Sunday services and the administration of the sacraments.

The Board of Christian Education works with the pastor and Christian Education Director in selecting our Church School curriculum, obtaining and training teachers, and in other areas of the educational ministry of our church.

The Board of Missions is responsible for local, area, and wider missions as well as pursuing the interests of social justice.

The Board of Stewardship administers the physical and financial assets of our church, including budget preparation, investments, donations, and management of church property,

The Pastoral Relations Committee is responsible for annual evaluations of the pastor, recommending salary, assessing church needs and goals, and functioning as a communications channel to the pastor.

The Church Council is comprised of the Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Financial Secretary Chairperson of each of the above boards, and one other elected representative of each board, as well as two at-large members of the church and the pastor, who services as an ex officio member. The Church Council coordinates all aspects of the church's life and ministry.

Download the Constitution of Bolton Congregational Church UCC.

Bolton Congregational Church, 228 Bolton Center Road, Bolton, CT 06043